Video: Philipina Bitch - "Seis Arriba"

There’s a slight possibility that we’ll be making another (maybe last) compilation soon, while we decide if this site will go on to next year, and if you’ll be able to download another one of our seriously great releases, there’s a bunch of great stuff hitting our mail. Releasing stuff on December is never a good idea (unless you got a Christmas carols album), if you’re album is too small to make an impression chances are music bloggers and the general public will be too distracted by family or Best of the Year lists. Just in case we don’t get to review your album before the year ends, know that we’ll push it a few weeks over into the next year and see it as a 2010 album.

All this behind the curtain talk deals with Philipina Bitch, a very cool Chilean band that’s getting popular among our staff (along with Monterrey’s White Ninja and Mentira Mentira). We’ve set up one of their songs for an upcoming feature and the album titled Vecindad Maldita is traveling our way already. For the meantime, they released one of our favorite music videos of the year. “Seis Arriba” is exhilarating and the video is a visual knockout, nothing short than a grandiose spell of haphazardness.