Video: Ciegossordomudos - "Amores Invisibles"

This video from Colombia's Ciegossordomudos has been circling around my blogging-surf experience for the last couple of weeks, and every time it comes up I can’t help but to play it. First, I kept a distance because the song is one more of those lame questionnaires of “Who’s gonna make you dinner?” or “Who’s gonna love you forever?” etc. I’ve started to like the song quite a bit (plus they sound like Love of Lesbian), it’s still pretty dry without the video. It’s got shocking value and that should be enough to pay attention to it, but it goes beyond in terms of narrative and visual motif. I guess this could be the all graphic definition (by all means necessary) of edgy, fine and sharp videos.

The editing is as raw and dangerous as the images here, as a spectator I do feel her vulnerability and pain, although I’m still questioning about the sexual representation it is giving, there’s definitely empathy all throughout but seeing her fall is the last thing I wanted to see after so much persecution. Perhaps I'm over analyzing it, it's just hard not do so when the video is so extreme or invasive. Nonetheless, it's a very interesting and attractive video, thought-provoking, it triumphs in making itself known.