Compilado Primavera 2010: Antoine Reverb - "Forever Blues 1"

Guadalajara-based indie-pop label Happy Garlic has released Compilado Primavera 2010, “17 refreshing tracks for this season of heat.” The label has had some interesting releases like Well, Well Mr. Whale by Suave as Hell, and then the magnificent Goodbye Victorian Houses by Antoine Reverb. The compilation also features new songs by Marlento, Drag+on, Soho Riots, Volumina & Robota. The clear standout here is a new song by Antoine Reverb, “Forever Blues 1” is beautiful, well resolved in its vocals and instrumentation, reaching the extraordinary towards its bundled climax. You’ll also find Fonograma-approved previously-released songs by Piyama Party, Childs and Los Amparito. Grab it HERE while you can, limited time.

♫♫♫ "Forever Blues 1"