Video: Nueva Orleáns feat. Fakuta - “Música y Discos”

The always reliable Super45 has the scoop on the new video hailing from Chile's awesome Michita Rex collective. “Música y Discos” is a subliminal song by Nueva Orleans, the closing piece in Michita Rex Vol.1, the netlabel's first release. Nueva Orleáns is one of the several projects of Milton Mahan, half of the "immediate good times techno" duo De Janeiros. The song features vocal collaboration from Fakuta, who we have yet to 'introduce' officially but if you've downloaded Fonogramaticos Vol.7, you would agree "Armar y Desarmar" is one of the volume's peaks. But back to the video, let's say it is as disturbing as it is worthy to watch. And the song? Simply stunning.