Featured: Prisma en Llamas - "Cadete"

Feature: Prisma En Llamas – “Cadete”
GsshGssh Records, Spain

This was one of the last songs we received in consideration for Fonogramaticos Vol.7; we loved it so much it became the compilation’s theme. Prisma En Llamas is a dazzling new band from Spain whose thriving sound attains pop’s lush at incredible beauty. The band is comprised by Hugo Sierra, member of Margarita, one of our favorite punk bands in the world, and his friend Pablo from Ensaladilla Rusa.

“Cadete” builds its magic fast searching to converge prisms on its way, shouting “los colores no dejan de sonar” at an almost intangible cadence. It’s striking to both, the primitive music lover and the new flashy, more, immediate audience. In less than 3 minutes, the band builds, chases, encapsulates and discharges sound, simply captivating. The duo will be putting out their debut 10” EP next month through GsshGssh Records, which they recorded themselves using a 4-track recorder and a mic… (magic hands there).

♫♫♫ "Cadete"