Featured: María y José - "Kibosé"

Feature: María y José - "Kibosé"

Today is a nice day; María y José has released a new EP titled Kibosé via Cocobass, a very promising netlabel from the creators of the very nice Venezuelan blog NOT SO FRESH. After a good couple of months digesting it, Club Fonograma’s staff keeps holding on to Espiritu Invisible as our favorite album of the year so far, unanimous. So yes, we’re excited about this new short adventure. Antonio Jimenez promises a tropical adventure, for the dance floor. We’ll get to it more deeply on a full review once it sinks in, but damn, this sounds sexy.

In the meantime, we’ve decided to extract the title song because it’s freaking awesome. Sorry for throwing out some comparisons already, but this is a sort of Toy Selectah meets El Guincho, and that’s of course, a big huge compliment. Also, he glances back at some of his earlier work done under Unsexy Nerd Ponies, including an enhancement in production. That sonic descend in the middle of the song is remarkable, and the way it gets itself back up is pure magic. "Quitate, quitate..." Download Kibosé EP at COCOBASS.