Featured: Rey Pila - "No.114" (Disco Ruido Yu-Remix)

Feature: Rey Pila – “No.114” (Disco Ruido Yu-Remix)

Independiente, Mexico

Rey Pila’s “No. 114” is probably the strongest Spanish-language song at The Hype Machine at this moment, something that doesn’t surprise us considering the song’s incredibly wide appeal, plus the striving catchy bounds that give it a marathon-like surface. Rey Pila is the new solo project by Diego Solórzano, the former leader of Mexican alt-voltage rockers Los Dynamite. “No.114” is the first single from his upcoming EP, the song is sober without losing its thirst to be expressive; might sound simple on the surface (and on its first spins), but upon repeated plays, you’ll find the song is multifarious piece within its techno-rock hybridism.

Today, we’re featuring “No.114” (Disco Ruido’s Yu-Remix), which transports the track to even denser grounds. This comes as a reaffirmation of Disco Ruido’s fine skills at seasoning pop songs. This Yu-Remix contains some passages from Yuri’s marvelous “Yo Te Amo Te Amo”, the ultimate shamelessly Televisa-encouraged pleasure among Mexican hipsters. Previously, the group had equally pleasing remixes for She’s a Tease (“Datos Intimos”) and Quiero Club (“51”). Disco Ruido has just finished its first LP titled Sistema Solar, will be out in a couple of months.