Video: Bigott - "Dead Mum Walking"

We were not expecting a new album by Spanish troubadour Bigott to pop up so soon. This is the next installment following the splendid Fin, and his remarkable "She's My Man" (#51 on our Best of the Decade Songs, #7 Best Songs of 2009). Bigott goes on into his mystical hat to incite for even more adventure. The album is titled This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, the album will be out today so we're not exactly sure what kind of new relationships he's talking about, but we're anxious to hear it. The first single "Dead Mum Walking" is a knockout, "god is at the dancing floor." By far one of the best songs we've heard this year, and the video is very contrasting from that of "She's My Man", it shows Bigott having a charming adventurous personality, one that goes beyond his mustache.