Nuuro - "Safe Safe Safe"

At this day and age it’s hard to categorize anything as a rarity, but I’ll try to sell this as one, it’s definitely a distinctive piece on Club Fonograma’s library. “Safe Safe Safe” it’s a hard-to-find awesome track by Nuuro, and also one of his best. We’ve danced (+ felt) to it so much it only feels fair to pass it on. It’s been a quiet 2010 for Alejandro Ghersi, but he’s probably making music, hopefully as groundbreaking as that delivered on The Reddest Ruby. The track was part of a folder to promote his Real Friends Tour he had about three years ago in Mexico. It’s never been released ‘properly’ but trust us, it has offered us with big bright smiles. “But if we’ve learned anything by now, it definitely isn’t as clear as clear as it should be.” The song doesn’t quite belong to his more ‘serious’ stuff, and it might sound a bit too Hellogoodbyeish, but it’s carbonated to celebrate a trial-on-error conduct… “we never learn all lessons and now, we got a lot of work to do.”