Two Birds, Short Film Staring Rita Indiana

While Rita Indiana makes us suffer by delaying her album release over and over again, we just found her acting on a short film! This is 2007 short film written and directed by Isabel Freeman, shot in New York with almost a low budget (like most shorts). Two Birds is loopy and a bit dry but it has its charm, if anything, it’s just comes to reaffirm Rita’s amazing looks and her icon potential. Some might argue she isn’t really acting here, but seriously, she outshines the other two actors easily (because their acting is terrible). I can’t assure you this is worth 10 minutes of your lifetime but if you’re as engaged with Rita as we are, you should watch this (also, the music is great). Remezcla reports she is currently writing a movie for Calle 13 where she will be sharing credits with her talented girlfriend Noelia Quintero, who directed her video “La Hora de Volve.”


  1. Haha that actress is a Kiwi!! NZ Pride lol
    But anyway, when do you reckon we will see some more Rita action?

  2. you're not the only one suffering! we all are!
    this plot is very silly, but it is nice to see her anyways, our big-slim woman!

  3. woah, that was BAD.

  4. painful...

    but, still, the first part of it sorta reminded me of a very, very good movie: Hooked, by Adrian Sitaru, from Rumania. Have you seen it?

    it's weird and good!



    HOOKED trailer.

  6. WOW, there acting is Horrible!
    But I LOVE you Rita mi amol<333
    DR Stand Up!