Antonio Jiménez and Lido Pimienta son Los Espíritus

This is very romantic; Antonio Jimenez (María y José) and Lido Pimienta are teaming up to create the new duo Los Espíritus. Yes, our staff is drooling; after all, these are the two people responsible for crafting our two favorite albums of the year so far, Espiritu Invisible and Color EP. Last year, Antonio ‘discovered’ Lido Pimienta’s MySpace and introduced her to this new flaming window of Latin Pop. Needless to say they have become siblings, supporting each other unconditionally and now, collaborating together. And yet, they have not met each other personally. Los Espíritus has been giving life through Skype sessions, chat scripts and their collective, almost telepathically driven musical vision.

Lido and Antonio will meet in a couple of weeks, as she will travel to the always-mystical land of Tijuana. I can’t even imagine the kind of emotional ride that would be, but I’ll bet there would be a magical scene of colorful triangles connecting both personas and sanctifying Los Espíritus. Their EP will be titled Aprendiendo a Amar Con Los Espíritus, out in a couple of months. The first cut is titled “Pacifico-Atlantico” and has been taking over our iPods for a couple of months; it’s the most numinous Reggaeton track ever. The song reminds me of some of the late 90s Reggaeton coming out of Central America, very adolescent and innocent on its lyrics, and kind of sweaty on its unsettlingly pubescent beats.

“Sabes bien que no le gusta a mi mama, yo se bien que no le gusta a tu papa, no les gusta porque tenemos el mismo sexo.” The haunting song is kind of an extension of Selena’s “Amor Prohibido”, but defending same-sex love by swimming the oceans. The plan is to release a couple of volumes following love’s distressing phases, we can’t wait to hear all of them.