MP3: ...Al Cruzar la Calle - "Romanticismo Ultravioleta"

Venezuelan indie darling Linda Sjöquist (…Al Cruzar la Calle) made quite an impression on all of us with 2011’s miniature-turned-colossal track, “Asuntos Internos.” The rising singer seems determined to translate momentum into a new year that seems especially promising for a line of featherweight troubadour ladies that includes Argentina’s Lucila Ines and Dominican Republic duo Las Acevedo. Unlike the giant, all-consuming poltergeist hidden in her hit, the new single, “Romanticismo Ultravioleta,” is a see-through manifesto where demagogy drives artistic populism and the virtuosity of an entire generation is put into question. “Soy tan facil de amar y tan facil de olvidar,” she sings. We strongly disagree with the latter. Romanticismo Ultravioleta (a two-sided release with her two published singles) is the latest reference from Maracaibo’s recently emerged label Entorno Domestico, where Al Cruzar la Calle shares a home with fellow Venezuelan acts Jan Pawel, TLX, and Ulises Hadjis.