Video: Installed - "Brochacho"

One of last year’s biggest revelations was Chicano Fernando Álvarez’s enveloping project, Installed. This week, the astonishing follow-up to the emotively quaint Plancha, Paisajes de Invierno, was released through netlabel Grabaciones Amor. Based on Installed’s first official video and EP’s witty lead single “Brochacho,” we can add him without hesitating to the list of artists like María y José or Rebolledo that naturally exude swag. Armed with a classic Death to the Pixies t-shirt, a “THE MAN!” sign, and some epileptic badass moves, Álvarez humorously sings about those youngsters (well, brochachos) pissed off about nothing, keen on absurd art (“hay que comprar focos en la tienda para quebrarlos”), and whose subsistence plan doesn’t imply getting a job (“quiero ser rico pero no quiero trabajar”). In a minute and a half he succeeds with an entertaining, simple clip for this kick ass track. Oh, and I would also totally love if my caguamas were served by a guy in a suit and in such a fashionable way. Makes it look expensive. After all, Installed is The Man.