Video + MP3: quieroStar & Mamacita - "Destrucción total"

Multiple changes of exquisite wardrobe (from goth glam to elegant aristocrat), stellar projections of space, and an overall aura of darkness (take a look at those sexy-creepy shots of Mamacita and Sofía Oportot glamorously dressed in black) take place in quieroStar's video for “Destrucción total,” which features compatriot and sensational progressive pop diva Mamacita as a vocal guest. Kitschy as it comes and sensually defiant, “Destrucción total” is a highly infectious, bubbling synth-fueled track. Mamacita's vocoded entrance sets a weird tone (Mamacita vocoded?), subtly embellished by Oportot's serene performance. Meanwhile, the sticky chorus merges their voices and transforms this track into something truly great -dramatic electropop that invites you to the dance floor and confidently intones “sólo te pido que no me dejes de amar.” While we're still waiting quieroStar's Lo Haré Público, “Destrucción total” has got us craving for even more. Mamacita, on the other hand, recently shared the 7'' split Humedad/Sentir Amor with Chilean friends Makaroni, via Ku De Ta.