MP3: Esponja - "Fucking Pony"

Mama Vynilia Records started the year on a high note with that impressive Telephone Rouges vs. Piñata 7’’ split, which encouraged us to dig through some of its obscure-yet-stirring catalogue. The tiny Barcelona-based print released Esponja’s HyperVigil late last year (late enough to be dragged into this year) and, although a quick spin revealed it’s an album that’s too thematically all over the place for its own good, it did, however, reach melodious grandiosity at least once in the instrumentally soaring and emotionally towering “Fucking Pony.” Believers of the post-Loveless order of society (compensating music and vocals at the same frequency/distortion) and classmates of nimble hazy rockers Odio París and Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, this Barcelona trio made a flawless, oddly-titled track that skips all the shoegazing souvenirs to inroad to firmament proportions. Great artwork also.