MP3: I.E. - "Smartphone"

With great pleasure, Club Fonograma introduces the Angeleno techno-chola, I.E. Margot Padilla might already be known for her crude humored homage to “Party in the U.S.A” in “Party in the 909,” a (brown) Skins-like weekend bender with the super vatos of the Inland Empire. After expatriating to the Los Angeles punk scene, Padilla has quickly established herself as the female counterpart to Captain Ahab. This is a fitting match when considering the sugar high that is “Smartphone,” off of Choose Your Own Adventure and released on Deathbomb Arc Records.

Happy to be Hardcore, “Smartphone” plays like a Mario Kart 64 marathon on Rainbow Road, colored in with gabber, IDM, and general techno. Her J/K pop infatuation explains her blissful autotune chorus, “You can look at me if you feel alone/ if you’re feelin shy or paranoid/ I love you I’m your android.” The song plays on the techno-mysticism of our time. It misdirects the listener to infer that android relates to a new transhumanism (or a entirely social life online), but instead photoshops together a new anthropomorphic and angelic companion, your 4G smartphone! As Dan Deacon says, “Enjoy your future while it lasts.”

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