MP3: Carrie - "Boats" (feat. killyourcat)

It’s been four years since the release of Carrie’s superb 1981. As we waited for a follow up, Guadalajara’s melodically refined Laura B. has announced the unforeseen departure of this project. But it’s not all bad news. She promises to come back stronger than ever with a new project and is giving the Carrie era a soothing closer with one last single. “Boats,” unlike most of Carrie’s shy-at-heart singles is significantly plainspoken. The quiet vocals are still echoing from the artist’s fountain of naïve pop, but, lyric-wise, she has grown in temperament. As she sings “I don’t care about boats, I don’t care about cities… not anymore,” you can tell Laura B. has scattered Carrie’s ashes into far-reaching emotional waters. Boats’ instrumental B-side, “Pendulum,” plays as a cleansing encore of the remains. Grab the single + its b-side HERE.

♫♫♫ "Boats"


  1. Es cierto que nunca más harán un fonogramáticos? lo necesitamos...!

  2. una pena que Laura B haya dejado el proyecto... 1981 es un discazo para mi y no se diga su ópera prima Honey Blue Star, ojala que lo que se trae entre manos sea algo muy chido pero sin perder la esencia de lo que fue Carrie o no se, quien sabe que tan radical sea el cambio con respecto a tan entrañable proyecto (yo soy fan de Carrie)