MP3: Leidi Li - "Maté a mi novio"

After singing about sex, love and rumba, the lies of politicians, and the female obsession with physical beauty, Bomba Estereo songstress Liliana Saumet gets her hands dirty with a new track on murder. Under the name of Leidi Li, Saumet takes the warm voice-controversial lyrics combination to the next level. Through a trip hop, downtempo beat, produced by no other than Saumet’s sweetheart (Pedro D’Alessandro under his own alter-ego, AOIM), Leidi Li coolly describes by what means she proceeded to heartlessly murder, chop up, and bury her fiancé. “Maté a mi novio” explores manslaughter through graphic rhymes, punctuating the track with soothing water sounds; this juxtaposition creates a weird, comforting, yet chill vibe. Dedicating the song to all the bored girls - las chicas que estan aburridas - Saumet cleverly plays the doppelgänger card and leaves us all remorseless for the fallen evil twin.