Video: Félix y Los Clavos - "Babel"

It might be a case of editorial guilt or the fact that it’s a pretty darn good album, but lately I’ve been spinning Felix y Los Clavos’ Continuará with the kind of dedication that any under-the-radar marvel deserves. When describing the outstanding single “Sensacional,” we claimed the Argentine act had “surpassed narrative curiosity and climbed all the way up to the melodic skyscraper.” The same could be said by the equally stunning “Babel” or any other song on the album – they crafted a conceptual album like very few could last year. But enough said about the negligence, the album has all its ligaments in place to transcend on its own. On a recent visit to Chile, the band stopped by the infamous Radio Horizonte (Chile’s ultimate indie broadcast) and recorded Tras la montaña, an electronic-inclined set featuring Continuará’s biggest highlights. This clip documents the live recording of “Babel” in a blown-up version that is even better than the original.