Video: Babasónicos - "Tormento"

How Babasónicos has been able to keep it cool for over 20 years (with virtually no creative flops) is something almost inexplicable and remarkable. Just last year, the legendary band was one of the few experienced acts to attain critical success in an Iberoamerican pop scene that's mostly packed with young blood. In an album where potential hit singles are omnipresent, it doesn't come as a surprise to see the A Propósito's compositional womb getting the promo spotlight. In this golden, ornate clip for "Tormento," the band goes historical and futuristic, in the best of the Babasónicos aesthetic. Clip directors Sole Calvano and Anibal Santangelo juxtaposed the verbal proximity between "tormenta" (storm) and "tormento" (torment) and came up with a foil-wrapped, platform-hoping depiction of a new kingdom. It's also great to see Adrián Dárgelos owning up to the mythological shepherd/hero image he has cultivated all these years. That is, of course, if you can focus your attention away from that belly button.