Video: Los Ginkas - “GIN-kanarama-Gabba-rama-MaNIA!!!”

Even if you’ve been living under a rock and feel like you don’t belong to an Internet community, chances are you are still intrigued by today’s all-across blackout regarding SOPA and PIPA. This is something that will affect everything, from your visually discreet homepage to your crowded digital suburbs. Instead of joining the blackout today, Club Fonograma has opted to make a brief case on the kind of material that would be deeply hurt by a legislature that threatens creativity, innovation, and a generation’s welfare. A few days ago, Spanish gum pop revivalists Los Ginkas released a perfectly-synced collage clip for their new track “GIN-kanarama-Gabba-rama-MaNIA!!!,” an ode to B-movies and the gimmicks of William Castle, is an obvious multi offender of service terms, but one that still sustains intellectual composition in beautiful ways. To legally persecute something like this means to persecute our understanding of pop culture. But this isn’t even a worst-case scenario. It’s the too wide-ranging and vague language of the bill that we should be worrying about. The ideas of massive censorship, corporate abuse, and the punishing of individuals and global domains for human-celebratory leisure simply goes against our sacred “Internet Is Ours” living model.