Club Fonograma's Top 12 Must-See Acts at Festival Nrmal 2014

12. Hidrogenesse
I’ll be honest: while I respect Hidrogenesse, it hasn’t particularly been a thrilling ensemble to my ears. But I truly love “El artista” and feel very curious to catch either their DF or MTY show. I’m aware I’m up for a disrupting exhibition. – Enrique Coyotzi

11. No Somos Marineros
Last year I rarely visited Nrmal's Escenario Negro. Not really my cup of tea. Taking a look at this edition's selection for the stage, I'd be a dumbass if I missed No Somos Marineros, our beloved emo revivalists. Witnessing “Violencia River” live must blow out anyone's brain, or at least mine. - Enrique Coyotzi

Definitely one of the more hyped national acts (their name even rhymes with buzz...), CLUBZ hasn’t totally convinced all of our contributors to sing praises. But, along with their freshly released Texturas EP, a Nrmal appearance is the perfect moment to prove their worth as one Mexico's leading indie acts. - Giovanni Guillén

09. Mock The Zuma
A 2012 Nrmal alumnus, who can forget how Kevin Santana was grossly mistagged as Tony Gallardo II in a Pitchfork photo set? Outside of the producer scene, Mock the Zuma might still not be on a lot of people’s radar, but things in 2012 were also different. After all, not everyone had caught on to FKA twigs and Arca, so who knows. Exploring his recent productions, like the surreal and tantalizing “Viper Things,” has convinced us this guy is the real deal. Hopefully after a late night set the outsiders will also stop overlooking the boy from Juárez. - Giovanni Guillén

08. Matías Aguayo X Mostro
I've long joked how the only reason "El sucu tucu" didn't take over the world is because there was no official dance to go with it. Failing that, we'll just have to settle with any kind of random dance moves to show off in the festival grounds and hope something sticks. - Giovanni Guillén

07. El Sueño De La Casa Propia
For a while now, ESDLCP’s been one of our dearest electronic alchemists. Last year’s Doble Ola fulfilled any expectation poured since we heard “Pobre Ave.” Here’s hoping ESDLCP will perform said EP in its entirety along with some highlights off his marvelous Historial de caídas. I’m certainly looking forward to getting lost and chilling to his esoteric vibe already. – Enrique Coyotzi

06. Extraperlo
In keeping with the Spanish invasion theme of this year’s Nrmal, Extraperlo make a pleasant addition that would likely go best mid afternoon on the main stage. Right at the peak hour for day drunk singing (“Ardiente Figura”) and losing those early inhibitions by dancing in plain daylight (“Fina Vanidad”). Be sure to wear the coolest thing you own. - Giovanni Guillén

05. Siete Catorce/Den5hion
I believe that the showcases Nrmal implemented in 2013 were a great initiative; however I really, REALLY hated the ones that took place at Gomez. My first approach to the Siete Catorce live experience was at this bar where people were barely paying attention. Time to redeem that since Marco Gutiérrez is now well known for throwing legendary presentations. Under his two most important aliases he will be performing at stellar times (that Siete Catorce + DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn combo sounds already unforgettable) and presenting a pair of different sets that most likely will make bodies boil. - Enrique Coyotzi

04. Los Blenders
After a well-received appearance in Tijuana at the All My Friends festival last year, Los Blenders will likely be the band of choice to gather round and fuck shit up. “Meta y Dinero” and “Surf de Amor” are already Fonograma classics, and the chance to sing along and bro it out will certainly be unmissable. It’s only a shame that the Fonograma male contingent (*from last year) won’t be reunited to share that moment with again. - Giovanni Guillén

03. Dënver
Sure we can joke about it now, but how scary was news of Dënver’s breakup last year? Too real for us- even if it was only a couple of days. False alarms aside, we’d be never miss a chance to see Dënver (Americans, if you can’t make it to Monterrey then at least a road trip to Austin is in order). Expectations are high, but no doubt months of touring have kept Milton and Mariana well prepped and ready to deliver a sublime show with all the gold selections from Fuera de campo. That, and it’ll be one of the few places to catch blonde Milton Mahan IRL. <3 - Giovanni Guillén

02. Füete Billēte
Undoubtedly Puerto Rico's most buzzworthy and juiciest revelation since Calle 13, Füete Billēte will own the Red Bull Music Academy stage exactly when night is starting. One week after, Don Severo and Pepper Kilo will offer their second show in Mexican territories at a glamorous NAAFI event, which I'm sure is gonna be fucking awesome. The NAAFI parties have turned out to be extremely unique and, lately, hard to be matched. I'm confident their big Nrmal debut will be a warm up for that show. If you've been following closely the MCs' Twitter account, then you must be familiarized with their retweets and the fans' positive opinions towards their live act. We've been salivating to be drugged-out while floating with stoner hymns like “Fumaera Namás” and 2K13's best song “La Trilla.- Enrique Coyotzi

01. BFlecha
If only the same amount of Fonogramers that attended last year to Festival Nrmal were around for this year’s edition, I’m completely convinced the one moment we’d all share together—and certainly value the most—would be BFlecha’s long awaited presentation. Since we found out our deserving artist for Best Album of the Year of 2013 was included in the second round of confirmed acts, we’ve been creaming our pants. The mere thought of listening in direct to larger-than-life hits like “B33” or “A Marte” simply blurs my vision and accelerates my heartbeat. It’ll be interesting to see how she translates on stage contemplative numbers like “βeta” or “Finisterrae.” Few live videos of BFlecha are to be found on YouTube, which makes the excitement to discover what she has in store even greater. The expectations are huge, and just like she sings in the enormous chorus of “Mundo Bizarro”, I'm pretty sure that “todo va a estar bien.” Even better, I bet. – Enrique Coyotzi