Video: Las Amigas de Nadie - "Should not let it go"

Human Dress is the title of Las Amigas de Nadie’s follow up to their very impressive breakthrough record, Sincronia. Having resolved an identity as a rock band, and distilling all the kitsch of their past, the Peruvian band is holding on to momentum. The band has unveiled “Should not let it go” as a sampling of what’s to come. Their sound had never been this vulnerable, and although the hooks don’t amount to much, they’ve chosen to strengthen other elements of their discourse. More than aesthetically pleasing, the clip for this track amends the mundane melodies Las Amigas de Nadie have chosen to present us. Directed by Andrea Martorellet, “Should not let it go” plays with composition and space through the embedding of a pink-spandex character that enjoys contemplating a plate of raw meat next to a glass of milk, and whose mere consciousness provokes alienating terror.