Video: Confidare - "Savages"

21-year-old, Daniel Guerra – nom de keys, Confidare – hails from Monterrey, but has now set up camp in Austin, Texas, and with the Abstrakt label (house of Fonograma favorites, White Ninja). With his debut EP, Savages, he explores the sparse electronic soundtrack genre – music that is ready-made to be paired with imagery. Loops progress and morph, so that you start with an Arca-like cylindrical bounce and finish with a tropicana refrain. First single, title-track 'Savages', has a brilliant, sly video, directed by Akkia Neko, that etches out the metallic clinks, and anvil hits of the beats, with footage of a Medieval Fair: sword fights play out among portraitures of the fantasy-geek community. Midway through we meet a cheeky anti-knight, who steals the show – and kisses – from his opponents. In him, the music's serious and irreverent interplay is represented: the pansy beats the brute – but it's important he does. Download the Savages EP for free here