MP3: Novedades Carminha - "Juventud Infinita"

In the last six years of being a group, Marichalar's favorite garage punkers Novedades Carminha, have gone through most of the archetypal "garage rock band in the early 21st century" motions. Their reputation to date comes from their rock and roll nuggets and solid live shows. The spanish three-piece opt out of messing with fuzz pedals and proudly display their grime on their sleeves. But they do seem to care deeply about one thing, and that's their songwriting. "Juventud Infinita"off Novedades Carminha's upcoming album sets a strong statement from its first line “O follamos todos o me tito al río / o follamos todos o me tiro al río,” which unveils a charm behind their to-hell-with-everything swagger. Jarri, Carlangas and Xavi jams awfully hard. It's pervy at times, but man does it ever jam. Download the track on the Bandcamp player below.