MP3: Matilda Manzana - "En Otras Dimensiones"

Matilda Manzana’s rising popularity (in both, media and the music festival circuit) is hard to understand. Something in that androgynous voice and textured soundscapes have triggered an audience that just a couple years ago seemed unlikely. Todas las Ciudades Inundadas and Conjuntos Cartograficos have confirmed the sustainability of MM as a relevant artist, and the future is only looking brighter. The amazing people at Tacón de Oro (we are huge fans) have premiered “En Otras Dimensiones,” the second track unveiled from MM’s forthcoming album, Se Fueron Los Cohetes. As Joan Escutia aptly points out, the new single encounters both Animal Collective and Porter, pushing for its own melodic escapade. That last half-minute of the song is particularly beautiful. Cacophonously risky in how it exposes its skeleton, raptures, and pushes for the light. #gore-geous artwork by Ouchal. Download the track via Soundcloud.