MP3/Video: Cohoba - "I Just" / "Know 1"

Although there hasn’t been much music coming out of the Dominican Republic that has caught our ear besides from Rita Indiana, NYC-born but Dominican-showcasing netlabel Stereoptico is starting to change that. Producer Cohoba, an alumnus of London’s Red Bull Music Academy, had already come to our attention as the man behind the beats in Whitest Taino Alive (who released some of the best Latin hip-hop tracks last year), and has actually been a part of the Dominican scene for a while. Also known for his works in other electro hip-hop and space disco projects, Cohoba has just recently released a pair of tracks from his upcoming four-track EP Chromatism. “Know 1” is built around a pounding synth progression that feels as menacing as the orchestral crescendos in Inception’s opening scene, and is later joined by pitched-down and highly processed vocals that sound as alien and terrifying as the ones on any Arca or Salem track. “I Just” on the other hand, is all exhilarating catchiness and club ecstasy, as he flips what’s said to be a Beyoncé sample over a synth drone, in what makes for a surprisingly well executed change of direction from the previous track. Such dexterity and versatility can only make us excited not only for what the rest of the EP will have to offer, but for what the label Stereoptico will continue to showcase.