Turning Torso - Plasma EP

Since the release of last year's fine Camaleón EP, Turning Torso (the one man project of Querétaro's experienced producer David Sánchez) has become an example of appealing consistency and captivating originality. The homogeneous coherency of his latest artworks adequately matches the sophisticated textures to be encountered in his spellbinding sound offerings. His previous single, Siempre, suggested full embrace of The Field's icy techno soundscapes. Nevertheless, the four-track Plasma EP rewards us with Turning Torso's greatest gestures— blood-pumping beats, jazz fusion à-la Squarepusher, stellar progressions worthy of Mount Kimbie's catalogue, plus many more qualities —through fitting segmentation that spiffs up the whole thing. Plasma (his second release on PIR▲.MD Records) is as deliciously tasteful as Teen Flirt's hot Promises & Float EP. It truly functions as an entry point to Sánchez's entire oeuvre, absorbingly exposing his architectural craftsmanship and overpowering virtuosity at his best.