La Ola Que Quería Ser Chau - "Más Copado"

La Ola Que Quería Ser Chau's debut full-legth, La Fuerza del Cariño, was a difficult album to assimilate for more than a few reasons. Many were turned off by the glossier studio treatment of their sound, some argued the album was too lengthy for their teen-angst themes, and others just craved for new, unpublished tracks. Time will most likely favor the band’s efforts to outgrow the ticket of newcomers. For craving La Ola in a smaller dose, the band has released their new single, “Más Copado.” Insufficient funds have prevented the single to be published on a 7’’ as originally planned, and so the band has opted to release it digitally. Compared to last year’s “Plastic Ono,” the new track seems offenseless. Lyrically though, the track’s near-religious chorus makes things interesting. And yet, the senor they’re referring to isn’t the lord himself, but the presence of a heart-swelling love overtaking body organs.