Video: Pedropiedra - "Para Ti"

Pedropiedra has made the weirdest choices picking the promotional singles from his third record, Emanuel. “Para Ti” is perhaps the least hipster-friendly track the Chilean artist has ever made. Despite the obtrusiveness of those gipsy chords and choruses, “Para Ti” is still witty enough to work as an attraction. While the single (anti-single?) will hardly earn Pedro new fans, it's a song that's hard to overlook. Bernardo Quesney (who took the top honor on our Best Music Videos of 2013) has helmed a beautiful meta-clip about that has made the track much less alienating (hence the universal attraction of fútbol). The amount of subjects, stories, and film techniques Quesney has effortlessly transfixed here is truly remarkable. The singer fondness to the competitive human spirit and the director’s fixation with the struggle/physicality of sports add up to one very pleasing visual piece.