MP3: Los Angreverbs - "Monterrey"

“No somos y nunca seremos wavves ni de chiste” disclose Mexican newcomers Los Angreverbs. There’s little information about these guys, which makes the blogging duty a little difficult. “Monterrey,” the band’s first track is only one minute long, yet it strikes many chords in its rushed, hook-packed urgency. The track is a big tease. It recognizes Monterrey as Mexico’s top land in the hipster hierarchy as they sing about their desire to play in music festivals and one day be featured on Vice. “Tengo sed de fama, quiero dormir en tu cama,” they sing in the chorus (lyrically, it's hard not to think about Piyama Party as an influence). Judging from the recent success of fellow lo-fi noise bands like Los Blenders and O Tortuga, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Los Angreverbs checking every item off their list. Download the track via Soundcloud.