Thursday, January 19, 2012

MP3: Tony Gallardo II - "Líder Juvenil"

Ruidosón emperor María y José, responsible of our most anticipated album of 2012, has a new project under the artistic name Tony Gallardo II. Through social networks, he openly expressed his adoration for two of the best records of last year, Rebeldes (Alex Anwandter) and Super Vato (Rebolledo), and warned that both were the primary inspiration for this side project. Under this context, “Líder Juvenil,” the first single from his upcoming, self-released EP Líder Juvenil as Tony Gallardo II, is definitely the culmination of his obsession with those two albums and a departure–but not a drastic one– from his trademark María y José sound. Packed with Rebolledo-esque refined techno nuanced with Christian Heyne-like disco strings production and Gallardo’s distinct vocals, the not exactly optimistic, yet funky and hilarious “Líder Juvenil” is another delicious slice of genius from the extensively creative mind of Tony Gallardo.

♫♫♫ "Líder Juvenil"


  1. This is so sexy. Those strings are not just there, they're tailored, and that armor of sweat-all-over-your-youth notions is a package only Tony and very few kids out there actually aspire to.


  2. Sexiest man alive. I'm getting a medieval kind of vibe in this project. I like!

  3. Pues si. Encantador. Tienes toda una familia bailando aca en este lado.

    Marisa Clarendon (Madrid)

  4. QUE FINO! un hit que alcanza hasta el verano, y mas alla.

  5. Esta mejor la versión anterior en el tumblr la no descargable la voz de esta parece forzada y sin ritmo y con flojera, bu. Y que decir del ultimo coro :( se perdió todo.