Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MP3: Juan Cirerol - "Sentimental" (Joan Sebastian Cover)

Going through our writers’ individual best of 2011 lists, I see that Juan Cirerol’s Ofrenda al Mictlan did particularly well with the non-Texan, non-Mexican portion of our staff (Montreal’s Souad Martin-Saoudi, Buenos Aires’ Jean-Stephane Beriot, and San Jose’s Pierre Lestruhaut). Which comes to show how accurate Jean-Stephane was when writing that the expansion of Mexican folklore to “the cool kids of the world” was no longer exclusive to Café Tacvba. Well, hopefully this remarkable version of “Sentimental” (which is flickering poetry for the senses) makes some estranged hipsters fall in love with Joan Sebastian. "Hoy no hubo sol por eso es que estoy así... el cielo gris siempre me pone el corazón sentimental," — they don't call him "El Poeta del Pueblo" for nothing. Cirerol’s heart is in solidarity with the fathers of Mexican music and, although mildly to the naked eye, he’s making his own firm trail. Juan Cirerol has a heavy schedule ahead of him performing at Vive Latino, SXSW, and Festival Nrmal.


  1. "Ofrenda al Mitclan" es increíble, uno de esos albumes que tienes que escuchar entero cuando planeas escuchar una sola canción. "El Profeta del pueblo" me hace pensar mucho en "El Profeta del nopal" Rodrigo González, quien es uno de mis super héroes musicales y Cirerol va definitivamente en el mismo camino.
    Long life to the king!

  2. LOVE!
    -yet another non-texan, non-mexican cirerol fan

  3. Uruguayan here. Love Juan Cirerol, and I guess loving Joan Sebastian now also.

  4. What an amazing track this is :D Guys, can you please put credit to the picture :D? It's Daniel Patlán (me), thnx a lot guys!