Video: Granit - "Marea Viva"

Though it’s early in the year to be making these kinds of predictions, and though they only have a short EP under their belt, I fully expect the ladies of Granit to make a big impact this year. The Barcelona band’s Aresta EP has been on heavy rotation because it beautifully navigates that space between haunting and gorgeous, light and somber, celestial and aquatic. “Marea Viva” and its accompanying video is a perfect example of this. The layer of rippling water beneath the images of graceful ballerinas evokes a more romantic version of synchronized swimming, while the pink and green hues hint at seapunk color palettes. (Sorry I brought up seapunk.) But this video isn’t part of the Tumblr kitsch, it’s far more subtle and a synchronized dance in its own right, the lilting percussion matching up with the lapping waves, the dreamy vocals with the bright full moon, the visual layers with the sonic ones.