Video: Kokoshca - "La Fuerza"

If like much of the Fonograma staff, you also happen to think Pony Bravo’s Un Gramo de Fe has the best album cover in recent memory, then the chances you’ll enjoy Kokoshca’s clip for “La Fuerza” are certain. Iker Insausti and Jeffrey Frigula helmed a clip that cloaks religious cynicism and pukes on the sanity of human dimension. The clip’s narrative linearity grasps its subjects with a divine intellect, finding a main purpose in that morbid “force” that drives agnosticism. The song itself is thrilling – it’s fatalist but bruised in humor, hard-hitting but greedy for hugs. How this is enlisted in the twee-colonized catalog of Elefant Records is beyond reason. Now, if only “La Fuerza” could find its way onto Mexican radio, it would be an absolute hit.