Video: Isla de los Estados - "Gozo"

Lolo Gasparini is on our shortlist for the coolest person in our circuit. We’re captivated by the songwriting, the body-orchestrated moves, and that killer bone structure. Directors Maria Zanetti and Laura Manson have provided Isla de los Estados with the eerie lighting and camera tricks to put the visual narrative to “Gozo.” The theatricality of the clip blossoms in its own romantic dialogue–this is an ode to illusionism as a prime performance art. It starts with a heart-beating spotlight and ends with Lolo’s silhouette shading into the dark. The use of space here is stunning, particularly because of its pristine alignment with the track’s strings and synths (by Kelley Pollar). Between “Balanceo” and “Gozo,” Isla de los Estados is bound to internationalize sooner or later, in the meantime, join the cult.