Video: White Ninja - "PCU"

White Ninja’s second visual piece, following the weird-as-fuck/can’t turn away video for “El Alfa,” is another monster of a clip. This time we hear “PCU” soundtracking a mockumentary (at least I hope) that takes us into the home life of an artist. An artist that dresses like the dude, collects mirrors, and makes electronic music that goes unappreciated in his own country. The footage is both depressing and hilarious. Director Patricio Hinojosa pokes fun at the current culture where everyone is an artist, and yet most of us are just as basic as the next dut. We see this point further illustrated by the artist’s bouts of ennui, ennui that eventually lead him to playing with guns, stealing a car, then getting kidnapped himself. Absurd? Yes. But we wouldn’t expect any other kind of clip from White Ninja. P.S. I fully anticipate moderno to enter into the mipster lexicon very soon.