Video: Lido Pimienta - "Rouletta"

When we first fell in love with Lido Pimienta, she was singing about moving through good vibrations, about healing the soul with music, and about designing life as one would please. Time changes us in unexpected ways. The release of “Luces” last year unveiled a Lido Pimienta that had been in and out of the road to redemption, granting us access to a nuanced depth of her persona. Toronto-based music collective StudioFeed has documented the transition of the Colombian virtuoso in this gorgeously shot clip in which Pimienta goes fully confessional about the changes in her life that have consequently changed her composition. Her story is painfully familiar but, as Lido confesses, it’s the event that has pushed her to find the most honest of grounds. As she preps her bound-to-go-darker sophomore album, Lido is giving us a little taste of it in the new track “Rouletta.” Lido’s performance is ethereal and, at least for a couple of minutes, the world aches alongside her. As two of her closest friends in the biz (Gepe and Javiera Mena) would say, “es una tristeza tan linda.”