Video: Nina Sky - "Day Dreaming"

Everything you’ve heard about multiple offspring probably has some truth to it. It’s been eight years since “Move Ya Body” broke through the charts, and we’re still referring to Nina Sky as the twin sister act from Queens that made weekend-ready club jams. Nicole and Natalie have grown up in composition and execution but, as they show in this clip for “Day Dreaming,” they’re not shying away from the perks of having a twin sibling. Not that you need to know, but as a twin myself (who also happens to have older twin sisters), I find the twin fascination haunting. In this clip by Adam Sauermilch, we find the sisters taking their genetic similarity to physical extremes by conjoining their sets of hair to become Siamese twins. This is as much about nature psychology as it is about sci-fi. The transformation bonds the sisterhood even further, allowing them to introspect on relationships in ways most people couldn’t.