Video: Dani Shivers - "Graves"

For over a year, Tijuana’s
Pan Rock have been responsible for producing a series of great clips that document some of the city's coolest gigs, mainly by local artists. They’ve expanded and now Pan Rock Films is also presenting official music videos. Under Sergio Valdez’s direction, the first one to be featured is for Dani Shivers’ chilling, cutesy-as-hell “Graves.” Shot with charming photography, this lovely clip shows our heroine through different urban locations and looking adorable while holding her cat, hugging a unicorn plush, and licking a big lollipop. Improving the demo version with the addition of exhilarating beats, a handclap effect, and further emphasis on wistful keyboard work, Shivers encounters the fitting balance between candied synth pop and tenebrously heartwarming horror film score melodies. “Follow you where you are,” she incessantly repeats on the chorus, providing the sense of an unbreakable promise; a vow, possibly to herself. We’ve been impatiently waiting for her first full-length, Jinx, for a while now. The final version of “Graves” has set the anticipation bar even higher.