Video: Klaus & Kinski - "Ojo Por Diente"

Spain’s most consolidated indie labels (Elefant, Jabalina, among others) are way too dependent on Spotify’s services, to the point they’ve all stopped pushing promotional singles outside the Swedish streaming platform. Which is why the release of Klaus & Kinski’s clip for “Ojo Por Diente” brings not only the first visual impression of their new album, but it’s also our first time listening to the single in a less-secluded, uninterrupted environment. The leading cut from the duo’s third full-length album, Herreros y Fatigas, is a continuation of K&K’s lenience with popcraft. It is, however, too safe and proverbial to assimilate a new album identity. Yet again, we’re talking about a band that has a reputation for weighting more on versatility than album coherence. Unconditional love (the kind that outstrips physical warfare) plays well alongside a story of a bride and groom whose marriage has come to define who they are as individuals. Next stop for the couple: The Wayfarers Chapel.