Video + MP3: LSS - "El Valle"

Most emerging acts share an anxiety to coagulate virtual identities. For novel electronic acts, this preoccupation is twice as hard to undertake because of the genre’s longwinded use of templates (usually satiated in potholed habits). Mexico’s LSS (Los Sensacionales Squidrose) fall into this blueprint. For their first impression, they’ve released a clip featuring an array of footage from an array of cultures, telling us plenty about their ability to synchronize but very little about their tangible aesthetic proportions. While vague in their approach, LSS has nonetheless made an impression. Mostly because of how uplifting “El Valle” is. The bouncy track is so giddy that it’s actually silly. It also happens to have an Aguayo-esque chorus that will pop in your head when you least expect it.

♫♫♫ "El Valle"