MP3: Nina Sky - "Day Dreaming"

Everyone's favorite Queens-born female identical twin duo is back in action. Nina Sky were the vocalists on one of 2011's best left-field singles, CREEP's haunting and tense "You." Now they're back with "Day Dreaming," their comeback track supporting their upcoming album, Nicole & Natalie.

Judging from the single, it appears that Nina Sky has taken all of the compliments from their CREEP collaboration to heart. "Day Dreaming" is 200 seconds of cool and hushed harmonies, augmented by a light 2-step beat with the occasional *snap* tossed in for good measure. This song is pretty decent, but doesn't really capture the essence of "You," which was far more nuanced than the lite-R&B here. It's understandable for Nina Sky to feel trapped at a crossroadsgo down the hip indie pop road or build off of their (retroactively critically approved) previous commercial success. Here's hoping they pick a road and own their decisionthey're too good to fall by the wayside again.