Pegasvs - "Brillar"

After an impressive series of jaw-dropping songs released last year (one of them even finding a spot in our own Top 20), 2011 never really saw that very much anticipated debut album of Barcelona’s intriguing prog-pop duo Pegasvs having its foreseeable winning lap at the blogs. However, it seems like the waiting for that will be over soon, since Pegasvs have just dropped a new track as an early treat from their forthcoming self-titled album, which they’re planning to release at the end of this month. “Brillar” is another sharp slice of enthralling synth-driven pop, still keeping everything mostly unchanged in their own aesthetic, with their instrumentation, singing style, use of synth hooks, song structure, and lyrical minimalism remaining very much alike to what we’d been accustomed to hear. But even with all of their blatant Pegasvs-ness, they can still succeed in leaping through a wide range of moods. While “Atlántico” was their warm and summery anthem, and “El Final de la Noche” was more like their kinetic travel into nocturnal rapture, “Brillar” is their most lighthearted song to date, the one where their airy hooks find pop bliss and precisely...shine.