Video: Alexico - "El Nombre del Perro"

When you get a video with a crimson-colored disclaimer, you know things will get interesting. Particularly if the clip also happens to be animated. So does it live up to the warning premise? Well, there's puking, bloody kitchenware, and even some cosmic penetration. Monterrey’s Alexico is known for leaving open ends to many of his songs, perhaps for future nurturing. Rising animated group Crómpëfk have injected glorifying motion to “El Nombre del Perro,” making something huge out of it. This galaxy-hoping adventure finds Alexico and his dog immersing themselves in the cavities of worlds they can’t quite understand. They are, however, naturally curious. Alexico has always struck me as someone who probably grew up watching/imitating Pinky and the Brain (Warner Bros’ most scientifically-introspective and erotic cartoon), this fantastical clip assures my theory.