12th International Latino Film Festival, San Francisco Bay Area

November 7 - 23, 2008
If you love cinema as much as we do and live in San Francisco, don’t miss the 12th International Latino Film Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having been to a couple of festivals myself, this one is very exciting and the lineup is quite attractive. There will be a special recognition to Gregory Nava, for the 25th anniversary of El Norte (1983), to many people the best motion picture ever made about the immigration subject. The fest runs a bit too long for out of state media to even consider covering, but I’ve seen many of the participating films so I did a list of them along with my ratings. I had been blogging on a movie site for about 5 years, so I’m a lot tougher with films than with music. I might review a Hispanic or Latino-themed movie review here from time to time, so be ready. I include the trailer for Esteban Sapir’s La Antena, my favorite new film in the list.
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El Norte (The North, Gregory Nava) 88
La Antena (The Aerial, Esteban Sapir) 85
Mi Vida Dentro (My life inside, Lucia Gaja) 84
Calle Santa Fe (Carmen Castillo) 82
Cochochi (Israel Cárdenas & Laura Amelia Guzmán) 80
A Via Lactea (The Milky Way, Lina Chamie) 74
Maldeamores (Lovesickness, Carlos Ruiz Ruiz & Mariem Prez) 71
Quemar las Naves (Burn the bridges, Francisco Franco) 68
The Man of Two Havanas (Vivien Lesnik Weisman) 64
Ladrones (Thieves, Jaime Marques Olarreage) 60
Paraiso Travel (Simon Brand) 58
El Brindis (To Life, Shai Agosin) 53
La leyenda de la Nahuala (The legend of the Nahuala, Ricardo Arnaiz) 52
Postales de Leningrado (Postcards from Leningrado, Mariana Ronch) 50