Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack (Tracklist & Details)

I’m astonished; actually I had not been so excited about an upcoming CD release for a while. Three days ago I posted the video for “Quiero que me quieras” by Gael Garcia Bernal, which is part of the Rudo y Cursi movie soundtrack. Cheky from Jovenes y Sexys informed us that they are part of this soundtrack, I almost passed out reading the amazing lineup, it’s orgasmic. I’m not exaggerating; it’s like the soundtrack of this blog, or at least of a big chunk of our favorite performers of the year. And those we have not talked about are awesome too. It will be a 2-disc release, the CURSI disc will feature popular Mexican music from El Recodo, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, La Sonora Dinamita, Amandititita, El Coyote y su Banda and others. The really exciting part is the second disc titled RUDO, which should be as transcendental as the Grammy nominated soundtrack for Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was a huge success and skyrocketed many of the indie acts featured. Now check the list and get me in contact with the album’s supervisor, I need to hang out with him/them. Just when I was about to name the soundtrack for Capadocia (HBO) as the year’s best comes this big surprise that’s got me wound up.

Songs on "RUDO": Mostly covers of Regional Mexican artists. (Yes, I know most of them, my parents love them, I do like some of them)

Also unspecified songs by Diplo (WOW) and Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos Con Mariano

Check it out, Jovenes y Sexys will be perfoming THIS, can't fucking wait.

UPDATE: This is seems to be the official tracklist... seems like they couldn't get some artists as planned. 

1.        Los Odio feat. Juan Son – I Want You To Want Me
2.        Juana Molina – Rudo Y Cursi
3.        Devendra Banhart – Lindo Cihuatlán
4.        Instituto Mexicano del Sonido feat. Saúl Hernández – Árboles De La Barranca
5.        Niña Dioz – Prefiero El Asfalto (Por Puro Gusto)
6.        Jóvenes y Sexys – Amor Platónico
7.        Los Látigos – Besos Y Caricias
8.        Adanowsky – Historia Sin Fin
9.        Dios Malos – Sueño De Amor
10.     Quiero Club – Quiero Que Me Quieras
11.     Kumbia Queers – El Dolor De Micaela
12.     No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos – Amor del Cielo
13.     Black Lips – Árboles De La Barranca
14.     Quiero Club feat. HC – Pegadito
15.     Disco Ruido! – Mi Amor Contiki (Guaca Tiki Mix)
16.     Nortec (Bostich + Fussible) – Árboles De La Barranca