Juan Son

By now pretty much everyone is aware of my admiration towards Porter; it seriously was the best new band in our circuit. It was devastating to see them performing so weak at Coachella ’08, the rumors had been babbling everywhere about a crash of attitudes among the band’s members. So I guess their separation is accurate, but still heartbreaking. Donde Pastan Los Ponys EP was orgasmic and Atemahawke simply the most underrated jewel of 2007. The leader of the band Juan Son was always the center of Porter, and it seems that he’ll go even more psychedelic with his solo project. We saw him shine in Julieta Venegas’ multi-Latin Grammy winner MTV Unplugged on the song “De Mis Pasos”, which should help him with his internationalization. Mermaid Sashimi will be released in a few months and it is already getting attention, he belongs to a line of radical artists approaching their music in layers, one that includes my favorite Latino acts such as Juana Molina, Robi Draco Rosa and El Guincho. He released an awesome single tilted “Nada” (again, material from La Rocola #6) in which the separation from what he did with Porter is undeniable, but still great. The songs available at his MySpace won’t be part of his solo debut album, but they are marvelous pieces that say nothing and everything, again don’t try to catch what he is saying, it is pure emotional, if you’ve follow the blog you should know by now that to me lyrics are not too important. I’m including the demos for “Las Hadas” and “Iceberg”, best of the year material, too bad he didn’t release them at least in EP format.