Suspension of Disbelief: "Quiero que me quieras", Gael Garcia Bernal

It’s been a long time since I last posted something in this fun corner of the blog. So this is a different kind of bizarre, all of the previous videos were either unintentionally humorous or improvised spoofs, but this one will actually hit music stores as it is part of the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack, a film by Carlos Cuaron set for release in Mexico next month. Gael Garcia Bernal singing! Well, we’ve heard him already in the soundtrack for another movie, Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep, and he wasn’t horrible. I was impressed with his minimal but interesting collaboration with Devendra Banhart, who wrote an original song for the actor’s debut film Deficit, and who now dates Gael’s ex, the glamorous Natalie Portman who we saw already in “Carmensita.” Our very own Paulo Correa has already declared it the worst song of the year, but I don’t agree, simply because this is no music, is a plain comic sketch/satire/homage to a movie character that is too silly to shine. There’s no doubt some grupero artists will be uncomfortable watching this, but take it for what it is, plain exploitation humor. Yes, we like color, but the pink costume and fluorescent landscapes are a bit too much, but yet again, bizarre and funny. An actual soundtrack is in the works, so this will hit stores at some point.