La Luz del Ritmo, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs


Sony International, Argentina ***

Rating: 60

By Carlos Reyes

Vicentico y compañia come back with their signature composition of tropical and rock in a moderate album that nonetheless feels pressured at all times. This is the kind of unfortunate album legendary bands release just before reuniting for their concert tour, no wonder, their “Satanico Pop Tour” kicks off next month. Before this review starts looking too depressing, I’d say La Luz del Ritmo is not a bad album, just plain mediocre. The double disc includes five new tracks that could have been more significant without the unnecessary refills. Buying this album I felt like the kid that gets his Aguinaldo with the best intentions, looking for some nice snacks and finds freaking peanuts on the bag, which are supposedly healthier than sugar but nonetheless too dry for the expectations. Six of the band’s classics were remastered, but with the exception of “Muy muy temprano” these versions are minor Cadillac. “La Luz Del Ritmo” is quite marvelous and a good one to have in vinyl. Also great is “Flores” especially as it is the only song here where they actually sound modern. Los Fabulosos always aspire towards the majestic; even this middling album feels epic in its musical vision. A pair of translated refills were included here, “Should I stay or should I go” by The Clash and “Wake up and make love with me” by Ian Dury. Their great performance at Los Premios MTV is just a hint of what’s offered in the included DVD, very energetic and collectible. I do have to give them props for not overflowing the market with a bunch of albums like Soda Stereo did on their reunion. La Luz del Ritmo is irregular, sometimes even exhausting, but it is no sign for decency on their current talent, they just failed on how to put it together. This won’t stop me from wanting to attend their tour, but they won’t get any new fans jumping on their wagon either. A head-scratcher to review and a difficult to recommend, it is disappointing because of its opportunistic structure, but the new stuff is really worth a listen.